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Serving Southern California and the Following Counties:
San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Riverside,
Orange and Kern Counties


Absolute Best Private Investigator Here

There are other options out there to be sure — some of which are even viable. It is just if you want to go with the best, there really only is one true option. That of course is us right here at Creative Investigations where we have only the absolute best Private Investigators available. Located and based out of Southern California, Private Investigations serves the following Southern California communities: Los Angeles, Riverside, San Berardino, Kern and Orange Counties.

Creative Investigations is owned and operated by Tracy Spada, who brings 18 years of investigative experience. Spada brought the “Creative” vision to the business because creativity often is needed in the world of investigations, as it often brings swifter closure and finality to various cases.

Here at Creative Investigations, our overarching mission is to provide the absolute best customer service experience. This ultimately can only be achieved through getting you the results you deserve. We offer a wide variety of investigations that include: Background Investigations, Infidelity Investigations, Criminal Investigations, Small Business Retention Solutions and so much more. We encourage you to continue you to browse and navigate around our user-friendly Website so that you can get a better gauge and understanding of our services here at Creative Investigations.




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