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Child Support Investigations

We provide our clients with results-driven investigations pertaining to any child support matter by obtaining the incredibly valuable information regarding that parent that is trying to make themselves hidden. Creative Investigations continues to utilize the many different resources to obtain information regarding where the parent is residing, location of any assets that are in their name, and find the whereabouts of their current employment. We have been very successful in getting the important information on those deadbeat parents who continually refuse to meet their child support obligations. 

At Creative Investigations, our priority is to obtain as much information as possible for you so that you can help the court systems with the collection of your payments for any child support matter. We have been assisting parents obtain the vital information needed so they can take quick and corrective action against that Deadbeat parent and get the financial solution that they deserve. Most court systems do not have the money and/or investigators to effectively handle child support cases and this can in turn create frustration and anguish for the parent that is trying to resolve their matter for themselves and their children. We give our clients the solution they are looking for to move on with their life.


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