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Infidelity Investigations

Our investigators can fit into any situation, and we have the ability to obtain up close and personal information without being detected. You suspect your significant other is cheating.  unfortunately, if you suspect it your probably right. As devastating as that might be, you deserve to know the truth.  Call our office to discuss this personal matter with an experienced investigator.  All conversations are 100% confidential.

Claims Investigations

Don't be a victim to a fraudulently filed claim.  California State does not require an injured employee to prove an injury was someone else fault to receive benefits.  The burden to prove the claim is fraudulent lies in the hands of the employer. Our office will obtain the video evidence you need to determine if the claim is fraudulent. Call us today to assist  with existing claims or learn ways to prevent fraudulently filed claims from happening to your business.

Locate Investigations

Can’t find someone? Our office specializes in finding individuals that cannot be found and most commonly, do not want to be found. Since 2009 our office has had a 100% success rate in finding individuals deliberately “flying below the radar.” We use techniques unique in our industry to quickly locate them in the most cost-effective manner.


Background Investigation

Our office utilizes a plethora of sources to provide a complete picture of the individual in question.  Need a quick check?  No problem, call and speak to one of our investigators to discuss a package  that fits your budget.  Be proactive, not reactive against potential threats. Contact us directly to see how our background checks can help prevent potential threats affecting you personally or professionally. 

Small Business Retention Solutions

According to a study conducted by the Identity Theft Assistance Center small business owners are targets for theft and fraud.  Often times, the perpertators of the theft and fraud are business partners, relatives and friends.  Small Business owners where many hats are  often victimized simply because they can't be everywhere all the time..  We provide integrity investigations/mystery shops, camera installations as well as educating your employees on the implementation of safety measures that will prevent theft and fraud and improve your bottom line.


Criminal Investigations

We work closely with several area law firms to assist in the successful defense of individuals who are innocent and ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person.’ We are good at extracting information from witnesses that did not want to be found, were scared to talk to the police or intentionally lied. We are passionate and diligent in our efforts to get the truth and our success rate with these types of cases has been consistently favorable.


Process Service

Have you tried to serve someone using the local Sheriff and found it can’t be done? Many people that are about to be sued and served papers are well aware that they are going to be sued and subsequently will ‘evade service.’ By law, a subject is not required to answer the door when a uniformed officer is present. This is where we come in. Our office conducts a mini investigation on the Subject at the onset of the case to gather the facts needed for successful service. At times we must wait, but rest assured our Creativity will get your papers served!

Judgment Recovery

Winning a judgment does not mean that you will collect your money.  If you have an old judgment, call us.  Often times, judgment debtors think that you have forgotten all about that money they owe you.  Debtors financial and job situations often change. Let our office locate the individual and perform a asset investigation.  Once found, we will ascertain if pursuing the matter is worth your time and money.