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  • Posted on 01/06/2014

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    “I filed a small claim against Ms Lier, whose dog punctured me. Ms Lier moved away and intend to avoid me. I googled and spoke to several registered process servers. Then after reading the reviews online, I decided to go with Tracy –Creative Investigations. My English is not good. Tracy is very professional and patient, which made our communication smooth. The process of server proved difficult for there is no much information associate with Ms lier in the database. In the first week, several times of locating failed. I was little depressed, but Tracy was not. She has a very strong believe ” She can find every one”. Yes, she can. In the second week, after jumping a couple of hoops, she got her and served the paper in the smart way. In addition of the proof of service, Tray sent me a 3 pages of DECLARE OF TRACY IN SUPPORT OF PROOF OF SERVICE. The following is some sentences in the “DECLARE” On December 19, 2013, the Investigator returned to the property located at XXXX at 6:45 A.M. A discreet surveillance position was secured. At 7:25 A.M., the female in her 40′s, who previously identified herself as the Subject’s mother at the XXX residence, exited the house and lit a cigarette. Minutes later, she returned inside. At 8:25 A.M., the female who closed the blinds on the December 16th service attempt exited the residence attired in a black T-Shirt and pajama bottoms. She opened the garage door and peered inside. The Subject quickly turned when she heard the Investigators car door close and stared intently at the Investigator as she approached the residence. The Investigator initially gave the appearance that she was walking past the Subject’s residence which allowed the Subject to return her focus to the contents of the garage. The Investigator called out to the Subject by name and she turned and looked at the Investigator with no hesitation. The Investigator removed the court papers from her inside jacket pocket and the Subject stated “I’m not xxx.” The Investigator asked for her name and she replied “I’m xxx’s cousin.” At the same time the female, previously identified as the Subject’s mother, exited the residence holding an unlit cigarette and unaware of the reason for the visit. The Investigator quickly smiled at the woman and stated “I found xxx.” The Subject’s mother smiled back and stated “Oh good.” The Investigator extended the papers for the Subject to take as she turned to her mother in an apparent attempt to continue the ruse. The Subject stated “Mom, do you know where xxx is?” The Subject’s mother, caught on quickly and played along. She stated “xxx… I don’t know no xxx.” *It should be noted that the Subject, who identified herself as ‘xxx’s cousin’ called the woman who had previously identified herself to the Investigator as the Subject’s mother “Mom.”. The Investigator can attest that the woman served was in fact xxx based on a fitting description and the impossibility that the woman she called “Mom” should have logistically been her aunt. The Investigator informed the Subject that she was being served court papers and placed the papers on the property as allowed by California Law. The Investigator departed the vicinity of the property without incident and secured a picture of the Subject standing with her mother in the driveway during her departure. What do you think? Yes, this is Tracy. A smart and brave investigator. Highly recommend!”


    • Posted on 5/14/2012

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      “I had to find two people who ripped me off for a lot of money. I had searched the internet countless amount of hours myself and contacted others that knew them but we could not figure out where they were. I hired Tracy and within a couple of days she had a location for both of them. The fact that Tracy figured out they were staying ‘at a friend’s house’ and there were no records in their name (cell phone, PG&E, etc.) that placed them at that house was absolutely brilliant…. I still don’t know how she did it! …but she did. There’s a reason she named her company ‘Creative Investigations’. This woman is fearless, tenacious and smart, a combination you need in dealing with stories like this. It was one of those situations you couldn’t just walk up to the door and get them to come out of the house so Tracy patiently put in hours of surveillance and caught them coming out to their car. She was able to deliver a message from me and lawsuit papers. What I also got from Tracy was great advice. She helps you stay one step ahead of the bad guy vs one step behind.”


    • Posted on 4/19/2012
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      I needed to find someone who didn’t want to be found, and within a reasonable amount of time (and cost) Tracy found me the info I needed. Tracy herself is a 5 star girl, she is quick, personable and efficient. I appreciated so much her giving my concern the attention I wanted to get. She resolved my problem, I am happy and I will use her again. Thanks a million Tracy!

      Judy W.

    • Posted on 01/18/2012
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      My case had gone cold. I had been looking for Mr. and Mrs. Thief for about 5 months.

      I had already gone through 3 Private Investigators. None of them could locate these two. I needed to serve them lawsuit papers and I just wanted to get on with my life.

      A friend of mine came across the Creative Investigations website and forwarded me the information. He said she specialized in cases that were hard or had gone cold and that I should ‘give her a try’. I gave Tracy a call and instantly liked her. It was a vivacious conversation and within that call I could tell that this woman would take my case seriously and treat it like her own. I didn’t even have to get into the long boring details of my lawsuit, that I’ve already explained to others a dozen times, those facts didn’t matter to Tracy. I just filled her in on where we’ve already looked and a who’s who. Her ability to ‘get’ the story quickly was quite impressive.

      Ok, read this: 24 HOURS LATER…. Tracy called with a possible location on Mrs. Thief! omg! Tracy was pretty sure but wanted to go out to the house and take a peek. What she came up with to be able to knock on the door and not give away that she was a Private Investigator was pretty brilliant AND it worked. She got all the information she needed. I will also say that Tracy’s intuition runs at a high frequency! Her gut feeling about when to go do something and what exactly to do is pretty amazing to see take place.

      With the confirmed information, she decided to go back to the house 3 days later on an early Sunday morning and within ONE HOUR, Mr. and Mrs. Thief were served papers….exactly 5 months after I had filed my case in court and after hundreds of hours searching for them.

      No words can truly describe the amount of relief and joy I have. Hiring Tracy was the best move I’ve made in a very long time. It was also a joy to call back the other 3 private investigators and tell them Tracy located them in 24 hours and served them successfully. They didn’t have much else to say. :-p

      I beyond recommend Tracy/Creative Investigations!! She is top notch!!


    • Posted on 11/17/2011
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      I came across Creative Investigations when I needed a service to be completed on a case I had. I came across the review on Yelp by the reviewer prior to me. I decided to give them a call. Upon the first call, I knew Tracy was the right person for the job. She was professional, demonstrated commitment, and a passion for the work she does. I could immediately sense she would get the job done in the time frame I needed.

      My situation was a highly sensitive and personal one. I felt comfortable telling her why I needed the information and work done. I felt she was working for me and understood my needs. She gave the job the right amount of compassion and attention. I was completely informed at all times and I never left in the dark or wondered what was going on with my case. She was a woman on a mission with a passion for results, the right results! She is convincing, tactful, and persuasive toward subjects in order to retrieve the valuable information she needs to ensure results.

      I HIGHLY recommend Creative Investigations and I wish I came across her service a long time ago. She came through for me and I will be forever grateful for the service she provided to bring my case to closure. I will definitely recommend Tracyï¿¿s service to others as she is not only a great investigator, but trustworthy, committed, and results-oriented.

      Connie Liza

    • Posted on 9/2011
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      I recently used Creative Investigations for a divorce of mine.

      The owner Tracy handled my case personally. From the beginning she was very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. She handled my needs very quickly and kept me updated often, which kept me at ease.

      I had called a few other investigators before finding Creative Investigations and they wanted more money and where very impersonal over the phone.

      I would highly recommend Creative Investigations and will call on Tracy for any future needs I may have.

      Thank you again Tracy, you were wonderful!!!

      MARIE T.

    • Posted on 4/2011
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      I have utilized the services of many private investigators over the years, and by far Creative Investigations is the best!

      You will receive extremely personalized attention coupled with an appropriate degree of compassion.

      Tracy is the lead of the squad, and dare I say that she is a Type “A” personality, which stands for ambitious, aggressive and attentive to detail. She does not offer false promises to obtain your business, but has plenty of experience to back up what she does offer. She also responds to each case in a time sensitive manner and gets you the results you want in flash record time. If it can be done, she will do it with a plethora of resources and connections at her disposal. She is convincing and compelling toward subjects and other parties in order to retrieve the valuable information you seek.

      I cannot recommend Tracy of Creative Investigations highly enough because my opinion is that there is not any comparison between her and others in the field of investigations. Her will to succeed on your behalf surpasses any other professional investigator and truly sets her apart from the rest.

      Though I hesitate to bring an issue of gender to the table, I cannot dismiss the fact that having a woman investigate my case was the best decision I could have made, and I say this after having employed numerous male investigators for different cases who all had an initial good talk, but not only did not deliver, but could not have cared less whether they achieved the objective of my case.

      Creative Investigations is located in Upland, California, but I strongly urge anyone, anywhere to give them a call for a consultation on any matter. Your investment of time, money and hope will be well placed with Creative Investigations. Then, you will come back here to this “yp” site and be writing a 5-star review for their services.


    Posted on  6/2013

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    I needed to find a phone number for a an old friend of mine. I could not find the number through the regular internet channel and sites. I called Creative Investigations to help me. I received a quick call back and had excellent results in less than 24hrs. She also verified the number. The price was very reasonable and the service was excellent. I would higly recommend this company for personal and business investigations that need to handled quickly and professionally.

    Vera D.


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